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I have one STB  that always give me problems tvissues,

pixilation,out of sync speech,missing channels.I have done the recommended fixes but they do not fix it all and only short time.

Reboots,tighten cable,tech support online,tech support to my home,(cost me $150.,tech could not figure out where all the cables came from, was able to do a fix but that lasted only a short while.Dvr taped shows out of sync problems,

Rewinding the show sometimes helps put it back in sync,.The other TV is fine.

Any ideas ,suggestions ?

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Community Leader

Couple of questions:

What model STBs do you have?

Can you trace connections from ONT through splitters to each location?

It could be a variety of issues.

Inlcuding bad cables, bad splitters, and bad STBs.

Unfortunately Verizon techs can't help much on bad cables espeically if they can't tell how they were run.