Samsung Smart TV Jerky Motion
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The Samsung Smart TV 46" model UN46D7000 can show occasional jerky motion especially on stations that broadcast older shows such as TBS or TNT.  This problem, while appears to be a carrier problem is not, and occurs under other carriers, as well.  The problem is with the firmware on the TV itself.  If you have firmware level 1019 or earlier, then this is why you may experience the jerky motion.  (To check your version, on your Smart TV remote go to Menu > Support > Software Upgrade.  The version number is listed on the right side.)

You must upgrade your TV's firmware to 1025 or later.  However, if you are at firmware level 1019 and you select the on-line firmware upgrade, it too has a problem and will tell you you're already at the current level when you are not.  Therefore, you'll have to upgrade using a USB thumb drive.  

1. Visit the Samsung support website

2. Download the latest firmware version (select the .exe one if you're Windows)

3. Execute the downloaded exe file by locating in your downloads folder and double clicking it.  This will open and extract more files.

4. Copy the extracted files to your USB thumb drive

5. Insert the thumb drive in the TV and upgrade the firmware: (TV remote control) Menu > Support > Software Upgrade > By USB

That should correct the jerky motion.  This worked for me.