Search function SLOW with March 2015 upgrade
Enthusiast - Level 2

I have opened a Trouble ticket last week but the problem still exists. When I press the B button at the bottom of the remote control and enter a search. I get a list of possible programs that I then choose 1. That 1 brings up a list of episodes for that program. It is at this point that search gets very slow moving up & down through the list of episodes. The problem seems to be that I cannot use search until the episode information loads at the top of the screen just to the right of the channel (PIP that is currently being watched). This takes 15-30 seconds for EACH episode title I move to. Until the partial information loads at the top of the screen, I cannot press OK to see the detail (such as original airdate). When I called Technical support, they were unable to replicate the delay AND said they have not received any other complaints.

Last July when they did an upgrade, for at least 2 months, anytime I initiated a search, the set top box would spontaneously reboot in about 30 seconds. (A partial upgrade in September or October fixed the problem.) The only way to avoid the reboot was to do searches ONLY after ejecting my 1Tb external drive (one of the APPROVED by Verizon models). This solution does NOT work for the current slow search problem--I've tried it.

I wish Verizon would do a better job of testing search before releasing an upgrade.