Send equipment back and keep the TV service

Hi. Before I always had only fios internet (75/75) and it was working throught my own router (ethernet port). I paid $65 for that and once I noticed my accounf offer me internet 100/100 and TV service (Custom TV - Sports & More) for $69 + qupment. I ordered that and got a pachage with TV box and fios quantum router.

I also activated all the possible chanels on Apple tv (the 4th generation), and actually that is all I watch. It is expected to get more chanels apps in the future.

I did not get my first bill yet, but the estimate price now is $89.79.


1. If I send the fios router and TV set-top box back, would it be possible to keep TV service on my account and watch it though apple tv? Or it will be discontinued automatically?

2. Will I still have to pay all the broadcast fee?

thank you.


Re: Send equipment back and keep the TV service
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Community Leader

From looking at your bill, looks like you would only save $12/month.

And if the valued custoemr discount is for the box, it would be $7/month for the first year.

Not sure if the Verizon ordering system will allow TV service (other than local service) without a box or cable card.