Sept 2020 Fios DVR and Guide Update
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This week Fios pushed out interface updates for their TV services. After nearly 3 hours in chats, I was finally told that there is no way to roll back updates once loaded and they base new update options based on posts in the forum. Below are my complaints that they will only fix with enough support on here, if you have the same issues, please mark the post. 

1. They removed the chapter function for recorded programs on the dvr (the up arrow that would allow you to move to any 10 min marker in a program).

2. The new Now and Next function causes latency when switching channels. Even after setting it to 0 seconds. 

3. They removed the ability to view a single channel lineup in the tv guide. In the past I would just hit guide a second time to see the next 5-10 shows on a single channel. 

4. Finally, I just find the prettier guide view harder to actually read and process. Not sure if it is the number of channels,  dark screen, or just that it is too busy.  Turning off the background video helped a little, but not much. 

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Dear Verizon Customers,

Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. We are listening to you and based on your feedback, we have made SOME additional changes to the new Fios TV Interface with the APR 7.8 update. Here are the interface updates:

  • User Interface Improvements
    • Guide legibility improvements
    • Free To Me filter renamed to Subscribed
    • Episode font size updated to fit more characters
    • 2 ½ hour guide skipping with prev/next buttons
  • Video On Demand updates
  • Fixes/Improvements




You will see the above mentioned Fios TV interface changes roll out from 12/09 through 1/13.

Additional responses:

Coloring: Here is another way to navigate to channel groups that used to be colored:

The channel neighborhoods are still organized by the genres you're familiar with.  While in the main Guide, press the Guide button again to apply your filters and move over to the Jump To function.  Now you can jump your guide to specific channel neighborhoods.  If you have Fios TV One with a Voice Remote, while in the guide you can also say “Jump to <channel neighborhood>”.

Last Button: The button labeled "Last" on our remotes for 1100 and 4100's can be configured to operate in one of 2 ways. You can either jump back and forth between your last 2 watched programs, or you can have it bring up the "Last Watched Rail" which contains more of your most recently watched content, including VOD and DVR shows.

Access Menu>Settings>System>Television>Last Watched Rail to enable and disable the Last Watched Rail.

If the "Last Watch Rail" disappears, please use this workaround: Reboot the box or boxes on which the issue is seen to check if that fixes the problem. If it still appears bothersome or comes back, please disable the last watched rail.  Access Menu>Settings>System>Television>Last Watched Rail to enable and disable the Last Watched Rail.

We are aware of the Last Watched Rail issue reported in this Community and we will have a fix in place with the next release.


Guide Banner: You can disable the Guide Ad banner setting via the following:

Main Menu>>settings>>Notification>Guide Banners->Disable


Lagging / Slowness / Sluggishness:

If you are still experiencing lagging, slowness or sluggishness when interacting with the set top box after the latest update (APR 7.8), please elaborate on which specific functionality is exhibiting this behavior (ex. Navigating Menu/Guide/On Demand, channel surfing, DVR etc.)?

Please feel free to provide any additional details which will be useful and assist the development team as they further investigate.


As always, we greatly appreciate and value your feedback.

Thank you.

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im waiting anxiously to see what Verizon will do about this pathetic attempt of an upgrade.  could someone at verizon at least acknowledge this multitude of issues in the new guide and what the plan is to resolve it.  Its been long enough.

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The only explanation that makes sense is that Verizon employees are shorting the stock. It is like they are trying to get folks to jump ship and work through the streaming interface consolidation.

Nothing else explains changing the most tangible interaction with their product this much for the worse.   

Usability - worse

Performance - MUCH worse.  Everything now has lag and delay.

Functionality of buttons like the "last" or "info" - much worse.

For the love of god put it back.  No one, and I mean NO ONE, likes this new interface better.  

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I called Verizon earlier today and officially cut the cord (on tv... still have internet and phone, which, by the way, wound up cheaper than internet alone).  They even waived the ETF, which surprised me.  

Now I have to figure out which streaming service to move to.  

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Agreed. Loss of the color coding and adding more channels to the view makes it harder to find what you're looking for. Also, in the prior guide you were able to use the forward button to jump ahead in 2 hour blocks, now you have to use the left right button for move forward or back by half hour increments. 
New isn't always better and that is definitely the case in this situation. 

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I just got an email from Verizon BRAGGING about this update.

Grab your remote and start making the most of the new Fios® TV features.

You can:

Keep an eye out for pop-ups that show what’s new
Check out channel 131 to watch a video about the new features
Customize your picture quality settings, viewing preferences and more


You know, it's almost like they don't care what we think about what they've done. 🤔

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I couldn’t agree more!   The update is horrible.  I lived by the color coding

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I agree with all the deficiencies associated with the recent FIOS guide “update”.  In addition I would add the following concerns:

1) In general, several options such as scrolling channels and using the “Last” channel function seem slower.  Just to bring up the guide takes longer.

2) I can no longer read the guide without wearing my eyeglasses 

3) Using the “Channel” button on the remote to scroll through the guide a page at a time (up or down) requires me to press the button for each page.  Previously I could simply hold down the button to scroll through multiple pages of the guide. 

4) the guide use to color code channels by color ( ie movie channels). This allowed a customer to scan the guide to find movie channels by quickly scrolling through the guide.

5) I don’t recall seeing an option to review a “user guide“ covering each change or enhancement.

Verizon should give its customers the ability to roll back to the previous version of the guide.

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Just had a chat with customer service, was told there is another update coming by the end of the month. So we shall see.

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Another update?  Is that a promise or a threat???

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Really! You are a first. Most conversations with reps end with no change, get used to it.

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Another update by end of month.

God help us... 'cause Verizon won't

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My whole family complained so much about the new (October) guide that I hade to create this account to complain 

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The recent update has some serious issues:

1.  Remote functions on all my tvs are now sluggish. When I try to manually key in a channel if I type as fast as I used to, it drops digits.

2. If I pause a show, the red position bar pops up at the bottom, just as before. But now the extreme bottom right remote button labeled "Ok/Enter" does not remove the intrusive red position banner that is hiding info I want to see while paused, like it used to do.

3. When accessing the Guide using the Favorites button I used to be able to hold down the Channel button to move through the guide at a very fast rate. Not now.

4. When viewing a DVR show and hitting Rewind or Fast Forward, it takes 3 of 4 seconds for anything to happen. 

5. The type font in the guide is smaller, too hard to read. I DO LIKE the ability to select the channel icon in the guide, click Select, and add channels to the two Fav lists! But, even on my 65" TV that I sit close at 9', some of the Channel icons are too small to identify the network id.

6. I miss the color coding in the guide for categories. I used to scroll through and look for Green, to find sports stuff.

I hope Verizon will fix these issues. I normally like changes, but not when they cause frustration.

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I agree!!  Please bring back the old guide.

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Amen to changes cause frustration.

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Terrible update. It’s too small, especially for seniors!  I need the color coding to come back. The=old display was fine. Not broken. This new display IS BROKEN!  Please put it back to the way it was before!  Very unhappy VZ customer!

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The tv guide is TOOOOO **bleep** small to view................  need to be able to change it back.

didn't anyone at verizon give a presentation to management to show the "new design and look" and no one said, HEY, I CAN'T READ THE NUMBERS OF THE CHANNELS AS IT'S TOO  SMALL???????????????

also, when looking at the guide, you used to be able to see the current show (like a sporting event while scrolling), now there is garbage all over the screen.  flip it back or pay my conversion fee to Xfinity...........  seriously........  even my college age son can't see it clearly as it's toooooooo small........  Big mistake in not dogfooding it to your own employees first to see if they would put up with it........

shorter hours for customer service, one hour callbacks that are actually returned 3+ hours later.........  that's nice.......


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We have lived with Verizon for 20 years but at best this roll out seem less than half baked at best - the loss of features I use very day especially chapter and the ability to create series recording with options vs now having to go through multiple steps certainly pushes us to cable cutting or the competition.  

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Totally agree with all you've said and in addition: 

I detest the this latest upgrade. Visually, it is almost impossible to see the channel numbers. A couple other problems since the upgrade are: When I am looking through the guide finding something to watch and I click on 'info' to read in its entirety, I can't get back to the channel guide unless I click 'exit' and then I have to start over again. Another problem, when I am watching a program I have recorded, it will just shut off. I just actually hate when I have to decide on what I want to watch anymore. This was more of a downgrade, IMO

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Does verizon even read these complaints? I just hate the new format!!!

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You also used to be able to use the right pointing arrow to search for movies or sports, etc. I tried the "jump to" selection after hitting guide twice but that will only go to a predefined section of channels (740-759). This will not display all movies that are airing now. That loss of functionality along with the lack of color coding, this guide is pretty useless to me. The last upgrade was pretty poor but I recall their being a way to stay with the older version. I'd give anything for that now!