Sept 2020 Fios DVR and Guide Update
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This week Fios pushed out interface updates for their TV services. After nearly 3 hours in chats, I was finally told that there is no way to roll back updates once loaded and they base new update options based on posts in the forum. Below are my complaints that they will only fix with enough support on here, if you have the same issues, please mark the post. 

1. They removed the chapter function for recorded programs on the dvr (the up arrow that would allow you to move to any 10 min marker in a program).

2. The new Now and Next function causes latency when switching channels. Even after setting it to 0 seconds. 

3. They removed the ability to view a single channel lineup in the tv guide. In the past I would just hit guide a second time to see the next 5-10 shows on a single channel. 

4. Finally, I just find the prettier guide view harder to actually read and process. Not sure if it is the number of channels,  dark screen, or just that it is too busy.  Turning off the background video helped a little, but not much. 

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Dear Verizon Customers,

Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. We are listening to you and based on your feedback, we have made SOME additional changes to the new Fios TV Interface with the APR 7.8 update. Here are the interface updates:

  • User Interface Improvements
    • Guide legibility improvements
    • Free To Me filter renamed to Subscribed
    • Episode font size updated to fit more characters
    • 2 ½ hour guide skipping with prev/next buttons
  • Video On Demand updates
  • Fixes/Improvements




You will see the above mentioned Fios TV interface changes roll out from 12/09 through 1/13.

Additional responses:

Coloring: Here is another way to navigate to channel groups that used to be colored:

The channel neighborhoods are still organized by the genres you're familiar with.  While in the main Guide, press the Guide button again to apply your filters and move over to the Jump To function.  Now you can jump your guide to specific channel neighborhoods.  If you have Fios TV One with a Voice Remote, while in the guide you can also say “Jump to <channel neighborhood>”.

Last Button: The button labeled "Last" on our remotes for 1100 and 4100's can be configured to operate in one of 2 ways. You can either jump back and forth between your last 2 watched programs, or you can have it bring up the "Last Watched Rail" which contains more of your most recently watched content, including VOD and DVR shows.

Access Menu>Settings>System>Television>Last Watched Rail to enable and disable the Last Watched Rail.

If the "Last Watch Rail" disappears, please use this workaround: Reboot the box or boxes on which the issue is seen to check if that fixes the problem. If it still appears bothersome or comes back, please disable the last watched rail.  Access Menu>Settings>System>Television>Last Watched Rail to enable and disable the Last Watched Rail.

We are aware of the Last Watched Rail issue reported in this Community and we will have a fix in place with the next release.


Guide Banner: You can disable the Guide Ad banner setting via the following:

Main Menu>>settings>>Notification>Guide Banners->Disable


Lagging / Slowness / Sluggishness:

If you are still experiencing lagging, slowness or sluggishness when interacting with the set top box after the latest update (APR 7.8), please elaborate on which specific functionality is exhibiting this behavior (ex. Navigating Menu/Guide/On Demand, channel surfing, DVR etc.)?

Please feel free to provide any additional details which will be useful and assist the development team as they further investigate.


As always, we greatly appreciate and value your feedback.

Thank you.

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In addition to your complaints I also don't like that they took away the color coding for sports, movies, etc....

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Agreed, the drab gray is pretty rough overall but I mainly watch the movie and sports channels and it was a much better experience before to just look for those color bars in the guide while skimming to see what might be on Food Network.  At this point I intensely dislike the new drab guide and have yet to uncover a feature that was enhanced for me but have found several that have been removed.

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Agree with ALL complaints listed by other customers! I too, created an account just so I could post this comment.! It’s simple, fix it or lose a customer (probably many customer’s).  We’ll give it a few weeks. After that, we’re gone! 

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Agreed!  Loved the color coding so I could quickly scan for movies in the lineup. 

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Verizon - your new guide is terrible.

(I) Its too slow.

(II) when I turn a channel a huge box shows the name of the show and the channel for way too long and its way too large on the screen

(III) The layout is busy.

There are other things I will list later.  I'm still too in shock to logically comment...

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Fios.... did you decide to do the latest guide update to match the hell that has been 2020?

if so. Great job! It is horrible!

I can’t even see the print because it is so small.

You got rid of the color coding that let you know if it was sports, news, movies, etc.

The skip button is a joke.

You got rid of the PIP screen so now we can’t see the small window showing what we are currently watching while using the guide! It’s very frustrating!

Why is there so much garbage popping up when you try to change a channel? Too much info is not always a good thing! I miss a lot of the show waiting for that stuff to go off my screen.

I liked being able to

hit the Last button and go back and forth quickly from one show to the next, but you screwed that up really good.

My remote is so slow now. I can hit On Demand and take my dog for a walk waiting for a response. It’s really not just On Demand..... now my remote is not recognized a lot of the times and I have to wave it around like I am casting a spell.

if I could actually cast a spell I would change it back to the way it was. Since you can’t Roll Back an upgrade you’ll need to come up with a new upgrade that looks like the past version.

I have lost my patience with this upgrade and although Fios has been my Go To cable provider for decades.... this upgrade has made me seriously think it is time for me to upgrade to another service provider.

I suggest you fix this latest upgrade back to what your customers like or you will lose a lot of them. I’m not going to use binoculars to see my TV lineup.

Fire the idiot that came up with this interface and fire the idiot that approved it.

Terrible Decision!

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I just wanted to say:  Doglover18..... BEST post ever!!   LOL

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The color coding was definitely a big plus. This new guide is very cumbersome and busy. Reminds of my sons classroom at the eND of the school year!! Way too much going on and not enough of the basics.

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Totally agree.  You have eliminated the best trait of the old guide.... the color coding.  I am calling Comcast!  Don't know who is running your update department but they should be ashamed.

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I completely agree. I liked red highlights for movies and green for sports. I hate this new format!!!

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I completely agree! I can't really see that it's a movie or a sporting event.

The new format is not only ugly, it's very confusing!

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Yes this stinks!

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The new set-up is awful, how do you get rid of the information bar on the screen?

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I was contemplating leaving before. This might be the final nail in the coffin.

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Yes! That seems to be the most annoying part of this new "upgrade".  It was easy before to know what programming was offered just visually. 

This new interface just plain hard to read and too small for these peepers to make out.

Who came up with this??

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The new guide bothers us so much, we are going to finally cut the cord.

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The color coding for movies etc. was helpful. There’s too much contrast with the new colors. It makes the guide hard to read. The transparent guide is distracting..turning it off

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This is the biggest loss/miss by far.  When you have kids, like sports, movies, was huge to easily find something to watch.