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Another person here that sighed up to say how terrible this new update is. Roll it back!

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Agreed 1000% - it's horrible.  It seems like ever time we turn on the TV and get to the guide, a pop-up comes up telling us how great the new guide is.  Here's what I hate about the guide so far:

  • Unreadable.  Horrible font and color choice.  Gray on black with a high contrast white font.  Compared to the old guide, this one looks like it was designed 20 years ago in MS Paint
  • No live TV inset and when you do bring it up it takes half the screen.
  • No color coding of channels by content
  • Stupid icons for shows that force show titles to be truncated... Icons are too **bleep** small even on a 76" TV to be useful.
  • Last button is slow and laggy to bring up a list of channels.  I click last, I want the last channel.  Period.
  • Even on a brand new install with presumably the latest STBs it's slow and laggy.  You'd think this is the last thing VZ would want.
  • Transparent overlay with moving stuff behind the menu makes it very hard to read.
  • Channel icons are not consistent - some are easy to read, others are impossible to see what channel it is.
  • Hard to find clock (if there even is one).  You removed the clock from the STB and then hide it in the guide.
  • DVR info bars can't be turned off and remain as an overlay for 10 seconds every time you fast forward or rewind.
  • No chaptering on recordings.
Re: Sept 2020 Fios DVR and Guide Update
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Any screenwriters out there?

A bunch of executives from NOZIREV are placed in a real-life reboot of the Saw franchise.  Complete 15 tasks with the new guide or else.  Ready, set, start the clock.  Heck make it a Reality Series!

Or do a campaign style parody:  I'm President of NOZIREV and I'm here to show you our latest improvements to your viewing experience.

Excellent summary Steve!

Maybe we could get a dozen top contributors to ZOOM w the VZ Team and discuss this disaster in a thoughtful manner... Yeah, right when Heck freezes over!    By now is anybody fooled into believing that VZ is a normal, customer conscience company that responds constructively to a New Tylenol-level debacle?

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The NEW Guide is absolutely terrible.  It's harder to see the shows and everything is BLACK!!!!  There used to be different colors to show movies, sports, etc.  When I click on a show to see who is in it, I can't get back to the GUIDE.  I have to go out and back in and then find my spot again!

I do hope they go back to the way it was before!  It was so nice and EASY!!!!!

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The new GUIDE is terrible.  It is all black which is actually confusing.  There used to be color coding for movies, sports,  etc.  That really helped. 

When you click on a future movie to see who is in it, you can't get back to the GUIDE.

Please help your customers and do something about this awful new GUIDE.

Thank you.

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This is not acceptable.

the new guide and format are the most annoying thing I’ve had to deal with. It makes me want to cancel my cable. I mean what’s  the point anyway. 

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This upgrade is far less than that. Nothing is working properly and I was just trying to scroll through to get to the end since I didn't see it. It would not scroll through to the end and it doesn't finish to the end.  

It takes too long to have a number from a channel to come up and the guide goes to that channel. (Change from 506 to 740 - you click on the 7 then 4 and finally 0 and it will not place the last # and go to 74)

There also was a change for a 10 minute interval to the end of the show and that doesn't work anymore.

This entire guide needs to be put back to what it was before as soon as possible. You should ask customers about it first.


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How is this a solution?? Telling your internal team? The update is AWFUL.  Roll it back. Think it’s time to change cable companies. 

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Respectfully, writing as a Fios customer for 20 years, there is no need "for further analysis and consideration" or "to  implement some improvements shortly". JUST ROLL IT BACK TO THE PRIOR ON-SCREEN GUIDE AND MENU OPTIONS THAT NO ONE HAD ANY COMPLAINTS ABOUT AND EVERYONE ENJOYED USING! PLEASE! 

@Nilsa_VZ wrote:

Please disregard that this topic has been marked as solved. This post was marked as the solution in order to float it to the beginning of this thread for increased visibility.

Dear Verizon Customers,

Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. We hear you and apologize that this software update did not meet your expectations.

We have shared your feedback internally for further analysis and consideration.

Our Product Development Team is working diligently to address the concerns and planning to implement some improvements shortly.

As always, we greatly appreciate and value your feedback.

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I am not sure why this thread says that it is solved, far from it.  The new upgrade has caused a number of issues

  1. remote is very sluggish on everything, turning channels, pausing, trying to get the guide, you name it
  2. The guide is very hard to read, miss the color coding of sports, movies etc. 
  3. Why in the world would you remove the ability to use chapters on DVR tapings.  This was something that was a huge improvement on other providers and a reason I never switched to Comcast.
  4. When using the last button you now have to go through more clicks instead of just one 
  5. it used to be if you tuned into a show after it already started, you could press record and the whole show would record including the minutes you missed, now it only records from when you pressed record. In addition, you could also rewind a show you came in the middle of and watch the entire show even if you tuned in late. Now you can’t even do that.  THIS WAS HUGE and one reason another reason I never switched to Comcast.

It really does not make good business sense to take away features, ones that I am sure Verizon knows people use and if you can't maybe you should have taken a survey of your customers before you got rid of features.   Please bring  these features back