Sept 2020 Fios DVR and Guide Update
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This week Fios pushed out interface updates for their TV services. After nearly 3 hours in chats, I was finally told that there is no way to roll back updates once loaded and they base new update options based on posts in the forum. Below are my complaints that they will only fix with enough support on here, if you have the same issues, please mark the post. 

1. They removed the chapter function for recorded programs on the dvr (the up arrow that would allow you to move to any 10 min marker in a program).

2. The new Now and Next function causes latency when switching channels. Even after setting it to 0 seconds. 

3. They removed the ability to view a single channel lineup in the tv guide. In the past I would just hit guide a second time to see the next 5-10 shows on a single channel. 

4. Finally, I just find the prettier guide view harder to actually read and process. Not sure if it is the number of channels,  dark screen, or just that it is too busy.  Turning off the background video helped a little, but not much. 

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Dear Verizon Customers,

Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. We are listening to you and based on your feedback, we have made SOME additional changes to the new Fios TV Interface with the APR 7.8 update. Here are the interface updates:

  • User Interface Improvements
    • Guide legibility improvements
    • Free To Me filter renamed to Subscribed
    • Episode font size updated to fit more characters
    • 2 ½ hour guide skipping with prev/next buttons
  • Video On Demand updates
  • Fixes/Improvements




You will see the above mentioned Fios TV interface changes roll out from 12/09 through 1/13.

Additional responses:

Coloring: Here is another way to navigate to channel groups that used to be colored:

The channel neighborhoods are still organized by the genres you're familiar with.  While in the main Guide, press the Guide button again to apply your filters and move over to the Jump To function.  Now you can jump your guide to specific channel neighborhoods.  If you have Fios TV One with a Voice Remote, while in the guide you can also say “Jump to <channel neighborhood>”.

Last Button: The button labeled "Last" on our remotes for 1100 and 4100's can be configured to operate in one of 2 ways. You can either jump back and forth between your last 2 watched programs, or you can have it bring up the "Last Watched Rail" which contains more of your most recently watched content, including VOD and DVR shows.

Access Menu>Settings>System>Television>Last Watched Rail to enable and disable the Last Watched Rail.

If the "Last Watch Rail" disappears, please use this workaround: Reboot the box or boxes on which the issue is seen to check if that fixes the problem. If it still appears bothersome or comes back, please disable the last watched rail.  Access Menu>Settings>System>Television>Last Watched Rail to enable and disable the Last Watched Rail.

We are aware of the Last Watched Rail issue reported in this Community and we will have a fix in place with the next release.


Guide Banner: You can disable the Guide Ad banner setting via the following:

Main Menu>>settings>>Notification>Guide Banners->Disable


Lagging / Slowness / Sluggishness:

If you are still experiencing lagging, slowness or sluggishness when interacting with the set top box after the latest update (APR 7.8), please elaborate on which specific functionality is exhibiting this behavior (ex. Navigating Menu/Guide/On Demand, channel surfing, DVR etc.)?

Please feel free to provide any additional details which will be useful and assist the development team as they further investigate.


As always, we greatly appreciate and value your feedback.

Thank you.

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This new update to the guide is really hurting my eyes and very hard to read and navigate, and it’s slow. Is there any way to revert back to the old one?

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First I pay for an “upgrade” to Bluetooth remotes (that don’t work).  But it’s okay,  I don’t mind donating more of my hard-earned money to help Verizon on their quest toward 21st-century technology.  Clearly, they need our funding to catch up with the times.   I mean, do they even make a remote that turns a device on and off yet?  

Seems curious that you can’t set a favorites guide preference and actually have it be there when you regrettably return to it the next day.  Hmmm.  Wonder what they’re up to there.  

Once I tried  to sign on thinking I could get the time!  I did manage to sign on, but I think the clock feature was extra, so I reminded myself that times are tough--especially for a little company like Verizon, and sometimes you have to cut corners.  

Heh, heh, heh!  They do keep me laughing, though.   They have a ”feature” now that EVERYBODY is raving about-- yep!  -- A guide background video!  Just in case you want to watch shadows of your favorite TV show along the outside edges of the visually prohibitive guide.  This is amazing!  

There are not enough characters in Review Box Land to come close to listing what is wrong with this pathetic situation that for some reason I kept paying for.   But

”Garbage” seems like enough.  

Fire Mr. Fix-it and hire a software engineer.  

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There’s only one way to make them listen:

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I can’t find any redeeming qualities in this firmware update.

The response times to buttons is abysmal, the functional flow of operations is very broken (eg. info button used to sequence back to the original display, especially troublesome in the middle of the guide).

The displays are cluttered and difficult to read, adding too much unnecessary info.

Hopefully Verizon undoes the damage before too many people find a better alternative.

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Any thoughts/feedback on the response of the guide? (taking seconds to respond to every button pressed on the remote, sometimes having to press a button multiple times)?

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Here's my thought. Verizon doesn't care a fig whether we like the Guide in it s present state. The company doesn't care if there are over a thousand complaints.  Most of their customers just suffer in silence and continue to pay their bills.

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Let me pile on too. I gave the patch some time and am happy to see the picture in guide return. However, any action using channel change or last watched rail are excruciatingly slow. Pressing ok when watching a channel used to provide the current time. I now have to press the up arrow. I have the VMS4100 on a Samsung QLED QR65Q7DRAFXZA 4K TV so I shouldn't need a box upgrade or a TV upgrade. To me, this upgrade was poorly thought out and designed. While it's natural to resist change, this change has been a disaster from day one in Sept. and while improvements have been made, the code is so very slow, that it's a rather painful experience. Why is there ANY delay when using the remote?!?! 

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I just wanted to pile on: the update is God. Awful.


The lag is going to make me throw my remote someday soon. Why, oh, WHY did you guys do this? Please restore the previous version. Before I lose my mind!


I feel like I’m trying to navigate with dial-up internet again. Press down arrow... do something else for a couple minutes... come back and hit OK button... do something else for a couple minutes.


God forbid I want to delete a show from my DVR. It’s a 10-minute ordeal.


I’ve had FiOS for nearly 15 years, but this update may push me over the edge to finding something else.

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This "update" is absolutely ABSURD. So many extra unnecessary steps just to perform a quick action. The stupid channel rail after a show ends, the ridiculous "tutorial" that pops up ever so often. The fact that all 4 remotes in the house work differently: 1 remote won't turn the tv off/on, another remote's volume button only goes up and I have to use the television remote to turn it down. Pressing remote buttons over and over like a freaking idiot.

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STILL NO CHANNEL LOGOS and most CHANNEL NAMES ARE TOO ABBREVIATED beyond recognition and the channel name font is too small to know what channel you are on. And it's SO SLOW!


Why the resistance? WHY?

How can this terrible update be SO ADVANTAGEOUS to Verizon where it CANNOT be rolled back?

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Here's a little anecdote: A few years ago, after having been a Fios subscriber for 9 years, I switched over to Comcast, because my Fios bill had grown rather expensive and Comcast was offering new subscriber discounts that would save me money.  I didn't have any complaints with Fios' service whatsoever, it was a purely financial decision. But after a mere two weeks I dropped Comcast and returned to Fios. Why? Because I absolutely HATED Comcast's guide. I found it to be hideous and bloated and extremely less user-friendly than Fios'. I decided I could live with paying a little more money simply to have Fios' perfectly efficient and aesthetically pleasing,

color-coded guide back. So I returned to Fios and was very happy I did, all because of the guide.

Fast forward to today... Now Fios' guide is just as hideous, bloated and frustrating to use as Comcast's! Congratulations Verizon, you've managed to eliminate the single most outstanding feature that made using Fios a more enjoyable experience than using Comcast. Now that your guides are essentially just as crappy and unusable as each others', and because switching to Comcast will save me money, I have no reason to stay with you any longer. It was a good 11-year ride, but bye bye.

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The update Guide Menu is horrible - - talk about following the pack.  The old guide provided a great color coding for sports, movies, kids, etc.   I miss it greatly and the new menu makes me want to look for other service - - I know that sounds dramatic, but if I cannot easily search the guide, why have cable at all.  I find myself electing Netflix and Amazon instead of Verizon for what I want now.

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Solution is NOT solved. FIOS you're trying too hard. Your update added aggravation for the simplest pleasure. WHY does the LAST CHANNEL BAR JUST DISSAPPEAR? Why? Then you have to spend time trying to find your shows via the Guide or select Options to find some scraps. I HATE your update. And as someone said the Color Coding was useful. You managed to mess that up.

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The Favorites Guide Selection Needs to be recalled everyday without changing.

I get tired of having to everyday HIT Guide twice and select the same every day!

Favorites 1, or Favorites 2 , or HD.  IT SHOULD NOT CHANGE UNLESS I CHANGE IT.

Also selecting channels in filters is very 


  1. too long, slow, or dull; tiresome or monotonous.
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This Guide Update is broken, and despite multiple fix attempts, it seems Verizon will not or cannot fix the problems.  Maybe they'd like us customers to volunteer to write the software code?

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It’s been almost a month since the change. What is taking so long to fix these issues?

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Fixing involves admitting it’s broken and Verizon wants to believe - and wants us to believe - the new system is great. 

Of course, that means Verizon thinks we’re all **bleep** b/c we obviously can’t see the great benefits of this up— I mean downgrade.  

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I just can’t understand how you can continue to upgrade these guides and interfaces without a tutorial or manual explaining how to use the upgrades???? How do you troubleshoot an issue with the new guide? For instance I can’t see the channel icons on the left side of my guide screen. A generic tv icon on every channel just can’t replace the actual channel icons????? We pay $250.00 we should be getting better service then this plain and simple.


@mgklank1 wrote:

I just can’t understand how you can continue to upgrade these guides and interfaces without a tutorial or manual explaining how to use the upgrades???? How do you troubleshoot an issue with the new guide? For instance I can’t see the channel icons on the left side of my guide screen. A generic tv icon on every channel just can’t replace the actual channel icons????? We pay $250.00 we should be getting better service then this plain and simple.

The channel icons should have been restored with the latest patch. Check to see if your box is running APR 7.5 in Menu>Settings>system information.


It is but it still isn’t working at our house 

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I have APR 7.5 and still no channel icons 😞