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Tried to get used to this new release now for a couple months, still it is annoying, hard to read, too busy and just plain INEFFICIENT.  For the high price Verizon charges for it services it should maintainbthe option of the -One- Channel Guide, It's easy to read, especially for people with vision problems & seniors.

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It is just terrible. A jumble of words. It is worse than inefficient.

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The upgrade is terrible.  I have had to hard reboot twice in 2 days.  When I go to the DVR, the guide crashes - I just get the PIP and a black screen.  It keeps getting worse and worse with every “improvement.”  

The only light at the end of the tunnel is that we plan to move and where we’re going we will not get FIOS.  

Re: Fios interface Changes Based On Your Feedback!
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How do you find the Guide version?   Sorry i wasnt able to find that in the forum here.

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@Psihawk wrote:

How do you find the Guide version?   Sorry i wasnt able to find that in the forum here.

Menu>settings>system information. You'll find an APR version there, that's what we are looking for. By now it should be APR 7.8.

Re: Fios interface Changes Based On Your Feedback!
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This worked for me. Use your remote


NENU-->use the UP arrow to SETTINGS



Hope this helps.

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Remove this from the SOLVED classification. It is NOT SOLVED.

This isn't how community boards work.

It has been 4 months. What is the status of getting chapter functionality back and cleaning up the clutter of this guide thing you pushed out?

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Dear Verizon Customers,

Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. We are listening to you and based on your feedback, we have made SOME additional changes to the new Fios TV Interface with the APR 7.8 update. Here are the interface updates:

  • User Interface Improvements
    • Guide legibility improvements
    • Free To Me filter renamed to Subscribed
    • Episode font size updated to fit more characters
    • 2 ½ hour guide skipping with prev/next buttons
  • Video On Demand updates
  • Fixes/Improvements




You will see the above mentioned Fios TV interface changes roll out from 12/09 through 1/13.

Additional responses:

Coloring: Here is another way to navigate to channel groups that used to be colored:

The channel neighborhoods are still organized by the genres you're familiar with.  While in the main Guide, press the Guide button again to apply your filters and move over to the Jump To function.  Now you can jump your guide to specific channel neighborhoods.  If you have Fios TV One with a Voice Remote, while in the guide you can also say “Jump to <channel neighborhood>”.

Last Button: The button labeled "Last" on our remotes for 1100 and 4100's can be configured to operate in one of 2 ways. You can either jump back and forth between your last 2 watched programs, or you can have it bring up the "Last Watched Rail" which contains more of your most recently watched content, including VOD and DVR shows.

Access Menu>Settings>System>Television>Last Watched Rail to enable and disable the Last Watched Rail.

If the "Last Watch Rail" disappears, please use this workaround: Reboot the box or boxes on which the issue is seen to check if that fixes the problem. If it still appears bothersome or comes back, please disable the last watched rail.  Access Menu>Settings>System>Television>Last Watched Rail to enable and disable the Last Watched Rail.

We are aware of the Last Watched Rail issue reported in this Community and we will have a fix in place with the next release.


Guide Banner: You can disable the Guide Ad banner setting via the following:

Main Menu>>settings>>Notification>Guide Banners->Disable


Lagging / Slowness / Sluggishness:

If you are still experiencing lagging, slowness or sluggishness when interacting with the set top box after the latest update (APR 7.8), please elaborate on which specific functionality is exhibiting this behavior (ex. Navigating Menu/Guide/On Demand, channel surfing, DVR etc.)?

Please feel free to provide any additional details which will be useful and assist the development team as they further investigate.


As always, we greatly appreciate and value your feedback.

Thank you.

Re: Sept 2020 Fios DVR and Guide Update
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For reference, I have VMS 1100 and 2 associated IPC's. ALL of the things I talk about below happen on both the VMS1100 as well as IPC's.

Issues that still exist in APR 7.8: 

1. General sluggishness:  I think it is related to slowness in loading the show posters, which to me are unnecessary especially when they ruin the use experience by making EVERYTHING sluggish...

     - When watching a program hitting "info"  results in a delay before the program info banner shows.

    - Navigating in the guide it takes a while to load the "mini" show posters next to the channel logos. This includes moving around, acknowledging hitting "record" or anything else waits for these mini posters to load... every time.

   - When performing any operation controlling the video such as fast forward, rewind, skip ahead,  skip back, pause or play there is a delay for bringing up the banner, probably related to loading the posters. This happens when watching a recorded program or live TV.

2.  Colors in the guide:  The "neighborhoods" are NOT a replacement!!! Having to do additional button presses to see what used to be just in the guide is not acceptable.

3. Adding back the video window in the guide is appreciated.  However, when watching a recorded show, doing any navigating in the guide when it needs to load more data (e.g. advancing to future days) causes the playback to just end with a message in the video window saying "playback has ended".

4. While watching a recording, hitting "exit" to clear the program banner brings up an unnecessary and annoying dialog box asking if I want to exist the recording.  If I want to exit I will use the other methods available (stop, last channel or entering a channel to tune to).  All I want to do is get rid of the banner that covers almost 1/2 the screen and there is no way to do that without having to also clear this unnecessary dialog box.

5. There is no way to consistently display the timeline when watching a recording to just show how much time has already been viewed and how much time is left without pausing the playback. It appears that this info is shown if "play" is pressed, however, most of the time pressing play ends up pausing the playback. This used to display with the "Info" button in older APR versions before the "major" redo of it. I'm not looking to get to the "chapters" replacement which always pauses the playback.

Overall, the APR 7+ versions are a DOWNGRADE from the old version. The old version worked just fine and these newer versions are AWFUL and do not add to the user experience.  They do, in fact, make the user experience much more frustrating. I still can not understand why Verizon has allowed this crappy, buggy software to be rolled out to paying customers and that it hasn't been fixed for several months. As an IT person, how this software passed any testing is completely baffling to me. 

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The above is very well stated.  It accurately captures my frustrations.

I will add one other.  Since the latest attempt to fix the upgrade, my guide freezes at least 3x per week, forcing me to reboot to see the guide or programming.  All that I see is the PIP with the rest of the screen black.  I hate sitting there for 5 minutes watching the reboot process, especially if I actually wanted to watch TV at that moment.