Series Recording question

Verizon newbie here, sorry.  I'm coming from Dish Network, so far am quite impressed with the FiOS service in comparison.  One thing I've noticed that's "different" is that FiOS doesn't seem as smart as Dish in recording some shows.  For example:

Monday night I have three shows in the same time slot that I want recorded.  One is on BBC America and one is on SYFY, both of which repeat their new shows about three hours later.  If I have the series timer set to record only first-run shows, it cannot record the third show but also doesn't catch the three-hour-later rebroadcast as it's not shown in the Guide a first-run.  Setting the timer to First-Run And Repeats will catch a lot of rebroadcasts I don't necessarily want - okay, one of the shows in question is Top Gear, and they show about a million episodes of that a week.

I could manually go thu the Guide, see which of the three shows is rebroadcast the least, and set its timer to First Run And Repeats and just deal with it, but I'd rather that the receiver were smart enough to know that, even though a show aired three hours ago, it's still technically a first run - and the No Duplicates option means it won't record it twice.

...Or am I not seeing the logic correctly?

Re: Series Recording question
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The only way to try to do this automatically is to decide which one(s) you want to record at the later time slot (assumes that the first repeat is always at the same time).  Set to allow repeats but also set to record this channel only and only at selected time in the series options.  This will prevent duplicates but won't work if the start time is different (even if by 1 minute).