Set Top Box Shuts Down in the Middle of a Video

I've had this happen too, watching a video and right in the middle, the set top box just shuts down. I thought maybe it's because I've been watching 4 hours, amazingly because video often gets choppy and unwatchable long before that amount of time could possibly pass, but maybe, right? If so, why not disable timed shutdown if you can't display a warning, or in case a user is listening to music or lecture and not actively watching the screen?

It's bad enough that the video quality is lower than the DirecTV I switched from, looks like a compression issue probably, since even 1080 video looks more like 720 or even 480 when football players are in motion. 

For $200 or so a month, I expect a little more from something called HD Ultimate. And a little more from a top-line box I paid up front for, as well.

Additionally, the response is often VERY slow, sometimes more than 10 seconds to launch the widget, and often long enough to motivate a double tap that then requires undoing the double tap.

I guess I may as well mention the other annoyance, that while powered down the STB displays a screensaver on the HDMI connection instead of actually powering down, preventing the automatic switching of the AV receiver source and/or power, which can sense an HDMI signal coming on. 

I hope we get some improvements before the agreement is up, or I might be looking for an alternative again.

Re: Set Top Box Shuts Down in the Middle of a Video
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I assume there is no warning because the auto power off is to account for no interaction with box for that length of time (assuming no one watching)

You can disable the auto power off.

Go to menu,settings, system, media client, auto power off. Set to disable.