Showtime Programing / Shows Different on Amazon??
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I recently wanted to watch a movie "StakeLand 1" and found it on Showtime Amazon but it was not available on Showtime FIOS!  Does Showtime have different programing depending on what service you use? 

I signed up for the free 7 day Showtime service through Amazon to watch the movie and would like to know why it was not available through FIOS Showtime.



Re: Showtime Programing / Shows Different on Amazon??
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Typically the Premium channel apps will have their whole library of movies and shows to stream. Where on demand does not. For example if you go on HBO GO you would be able to see the whole series of Sopranos. Where on demand will only have a few episodes. 

Also you don't have to do the 7 day trial if you subscribe to Showtime with Verizon. Download the SHO Anytime app and log in with your FiOS credentials. You don't have to pay extra for the app if you already subscribe to the channel with your cable provider.