Slingbox using Amazon Firestick - "Press Fios Menu" on screen - how do I get the Fios remote up?

I am trying to use slingbox to access my Fios TV content on a television set that has Amazon Friestick installed.  The TV set connects to Fios, but all I get is the screen saying to press Menu on the Fios remote.  There is no icon for the remote at the top of the screen, and I do not know how to access it.

I am already using slingbox to access my Fios TV on my computer without a problem other than the occasional buffering issue.   When I sign on via the computer, there is an icon for the remote that allows me to bring up an image of the FIOS remote and then click on Menu (or on whatever button I need).  I do not see any similar icon when I sign in to slingbox on my TV.

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