Slow motion playback for ON DEMAND shows?

Hello. I have read all the forums (fora?) on the issue of slow motion playback using the Verizon TV controller. I have FIOS and two DVRs. 

I wish to slow down the Bran "dream sequences" on Game of Thrones and need to pause and move forward (or back) frame by frame to see all the rapidly displayed images. 

The instructions on frame-by-frame playback are out of date and reference buttons that are no longer on the controller... See example: 

START OF EXAMPLE : For slow motion press Pause then press the FF button to go forward or the Rewind button to go backward.

To advance or go back a frame at a time press Pause then press the Skip button to go forward or the Replay button to go backward. END OF EXAMPLE

That advice was posted on this forum and is more than 6 years old. 

Are there updated instructions with the newer controllers? The old directions do not work, and I wish to watch these episodes frame by frame if possible. 


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Content providers have really limited ability to perform anything other than play and pause on demand content.

If you have a smart device or TV, try HBO Go and see if you can do it there.