Some channels down (FIOS TV, 400-407, 412-413), tech callout required, no-show, no callback, no fix
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Called in to report an issue. Select channels (some PayTV some not) coming in with heavy pixelization 9to the point that it's a black screen with some blocks of colors) and choppy/distorted bursts of sound. Some channels report not actually in service (report that the channel is unavailable, try changing channels, B to troubleshoot).

Channels I know are problematic:


(380 works (so not all of Showtime, since 365-374, 376, 378, 380 are working))


(408-411 works, so it's not all HBO)


One of the MTV channels (so not all of the affected are subscription).

Most channels work.

On the channels that don't work, all set top boxes are equally affected. On the channels that work, signal strength (Menu, settings, system information, info) SNR shows as GOOD with 0 errors, carrier lock true.

On the channels that don't work, SNR shows as FAIR with 0 errors, carrier lock true.

Phone tech support reset my ONT, had me disconnect the cable to 'reset the signal' (but had me power down the box prior to disconnecting/reconnecting the coax). They also reset the boxes themselves in addition to the cable reseat. Then scheduled a tech for Sunday, 11-2, the earliest they could get (IIRC, tech support was called Friday).

Here we are Sunday. This morning, I checked and confirmed that the appointment was 11-2. At 12:30, still nthing, called VZ again and confirmed that it was still until 2pm. Called at 2:05pm, was told by the autoattendant that the tech had until 4pm to show up. Asked for an agent. Was told the tech was a no-show and all the tech's appointments had been completely cleared from the calendar.

No word, no nothing. If I hadn't forced the issue, it looks like the earliest I'd have known they were completely cancelling my appointment would have been 4pm. If then.

WTH, Verizon?

I'm currently now set for a Monday night appointment after work, but I'm still trying to figure out what a tech is going to do about selective channels not working, from my house.

I live in Leesburg VA, in the event that the channel fails are non-local to me, and affecting more than just me.

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Something is loose or bad near the ONT. You have either a bad ground block, splitter or coax. Check near the ONT for any issues you can see.