Some channels have been out since Oct 26, 2018

Our fav channel is MSNBC CH 603 (HD). This channel along with several others has been “non-operational”  for several days. Verizon online chat and phone support do not have answers and have made us jump through hoops to test this, test that, all for not. Today, Sunday, a tech comes to my house, says he doesn’t even need to come inside, he knew what the problem was.  He says that there is an outtage that they are aware of but “Verizon” has not notified customers.  So, like us, they are calling and scheduling tech appointments. It’s Sunday, sounds like over-time pay to me. Verizon, shame on you! What a waste of money!  

Fox channels are working just fine... MSNBC channel is not! Could these channels miraculously appear again AFTER the elections?! Could it be? Please say it isn’t so...

Verizon, please bring back our channels already! Customers pay good money for your services. We deserve expedient corrections and/or repairs. 

imageThis shows up first. Then goes to troubleshooting.

imageThen this second message appears.


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Community Leader
Community Leader

Everything is not a big political conspiracy. MSNBC works fine in my area in PA. So yes you either have an outage in your area or there is wiring or equipment problems. 

If the Verizon tech said there is an outage then there probably is. Also techs do work scheduled weekends so they might not have been out on overtime. 

If Verizon told you no one could come out on Sunday and that you had to wait until the middle of the week then you would be complaining about that. You can’t have it both ways.