Some programs stop playing after a few minutes

Hi. I've noticed something pretty frustrating over the past month (only have had FIOS for a few months). Random programs don't play beyond a few minutes. I thought it was a MR DVR issue, but it even happened on a few shows recorded on the same box I was playing it on.

I tried to reboot the entire system, so unplugged all DVRs and router - plugged back in after a minute. Same thing still.

This really hit home tonight when I tried watching the most recent episode of The Walking Dead - of course that one won't play beyond 5 minutes. Robot Frustrated

What do I do?

Re: Some programs stop playing after a few minutes
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I get this too. I also get the thing where you go to click play and it just goes back to live TV.

I hope I dont regret coming over from comast because I never had picture or DVR issues with them.

Re: Some programs stop playing after a few minutes
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Sorry to hear about the troubles you guys are having with the DVR. There could be two explanations for this. Either the error is within the box or the feed being sent for that channel. To address this if it's a problem with the DVR functioning, please press menu, then go to CUSTOMER SUPPORT, then IN HOME AGENT, then SET TOP BOX AUTO CORRECTION. Let me know if you need further assistance after doing that.