Re: Some recorded shows won't play back on 6416
have all kinds if playback problems. Some shows will only start in the middle and you can't play from the beginning or rewind. Odd behavior when switching from live tv to DVR, etc. have had system for 1.5 years. Considering a DVR swap, but they don't even list the correct unit and don't want to lose everything or pay extra to keep it around. Such crap equipment - never had this with DirecTV.
Re: Some recorded shows won't play back on 6416

This problem is still happening.

model: CHS 435HDC

release: 1.9.1

about once a week we get an unplayable recording.  chatted with VZ tech online and of course they hadn't heard of the problem before.  did the rebooting dance and is now sending me a new DVR, but i'm skeptical it will solve the problem.  needless to say i'm very agitated.

I realize the forums are for peers, but can we at least get an acknowledgement from a VZ rep that this is a known problem?  Can VZ at least educate the tech support that this is a known problem instead of just resetting and/or sending a new box?

This has been an issue for 3 years... seriously.

Re: Some recorded shows won't play back on 6416
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I can confirm this problem also exists on latest CHS435HDC upgrade.

Release: 1.9.5

Build 17.17


Three episodes out of 9 for the ID channel series "I'd Kill For You" (SD #123 here in Fairfax Co. Northern VA - Zip: 20191) won't playback.

In sequence: These problem guys were recorded on 12/28/2013 @ 7:00 AM, 8:00 AM, and 9:00 AM.

Episodes days and weeks before playback fine and the 10 PM episode on 12/28/2013 plays back as well.

As do other episode I have tried (sampled) from many other series.  I will get really upset if Doctor Who starts getting attacked!

My install was done on Oct 23 with all new R6QS cabling.

Self install of WD AVP 2TB external HD ~ 47% full at the time of the incident and 1% on the internal HD.

WD has been trouble free.

Reset with In-Home Agent did not help (of course)

On-Chat with support located out of U.S. was even worse (standard garbage about unplugging, resetting, etc)

They even suggested MOVING the DVR to a new outlet (whatever that is supposed to mean or accomplsh!)

Can somebody given them a "we give up" script to read from so they stop with the EInstein do-over and over approach.  The chat session exchange even bleeps out the word S-T-U-P-I-D (in case the border collies are listening in here too!) with ***.  Hey FIOS if you have time to program THAT then maybe you can find time to FIX some real user issues!

P.S.  My additional 2 cents:  What is it with the sluggish responsiveness of those remote controls?  Constantly waiting or over-shooting desired menu items.

Re: Some recorded shows won't play back on 6416

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