Sound bar fios remote don't link up via TV

Got a replacement TV & previously the Vizio sound bar worked with the LG TV with the FIOS remote. Now with the Samsung TV the FIOS remote is able to do the on/off, channel selection and TV speakers but not the sound bar. In order to hear the sound bar I need use that remote in addition to FIOS remote. Curiously when I intially set up the Samsung TV I had the FIOS remote working the sound bar but had an icon on the TV screeen with a speaker having a slash (meaning no speaker of some sort). The TV support from COSTCO had me do a reboot of the TV which resulted with the current condition. Calling Verizion just told me to reprogram the remote...and did not solve the problem.

The other thing is selecting the external speaker (soundbar) shows the graphic volume units being displayed on the TV as it is there (yes as the sound bar does work) but no interface with FIOS remote.....

Any ideas? Thanks.

Re: Sound bar fios remote don't link up via TV
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Community Leader

FIOS remote does not control devices other than TVs.

Its possible that your old TV was able to talk to your soundbar and control it.

New TV does not.

Your option is to keep the two remote option or go with a universal remote like a Harmony (I recently did the same when I got a soundbar)