Splitting IR Signal on Verizon FIOS STB

Hey Everyone,

Hoping someone can help me here.  I just purchased an outdoor TV and I'm splitting the video signal off my Verizon STB in one room inside using an HDMI splitter, everything works great there for audio and video.  But now I'm hoping there is a way to split the IR signal so that I'm able to change the channels outside and inside whenever I want.  I was able to use an IR extender feeding from the STB to the outside TV and that worked great, I could control the STB outside using the remote to change the channels, unfortunately when I came inside I could no longer change the channels inside using the same remote.  I purchased what I though was an IR splitter cable but that didn't seem to work, I believe it's only for splitting audio.  

Does anyone know of a solution to this, does the STB only allow you to use either an IR extender cable or the box alone?  Any help would be much appreciated, can't stand going from inside or outside to change the channel.

Thanks for the help.

Re: Splitting IR Signal on Verizon FIOS STB
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Community Leader

There is definitely ir splitters I'm just not sure what to tell you to get but there are two types. One will plug directly into the stb and the other type uses a transmitter with an eye that goes on the front display of the stb. Maybe do one of each. 

Also the FiOS TV app has a remote on the app you can use. It works through the wifi.