Sports Season Passes / Record HD only?

So I am desperately trying to be able to live with FIOS-only... after 20 years with DTV and a couple short stints over-lapping with Optimum and FIOS with various triple play options.  

Season Pass for your team.  DTV was awesome with this.  Select my teams... Yankees, Giants, Knicks etc and it would record all my games with about 99% accuracy.  It seems to somewhat work with baseball, but I didn;t have it long before the regular season ended... but for football or basketball I see no similar option other than to record NFL Football which records every game on.... which I am OK with for now, BUT it keeps choosing to record the SD channel over the HD channel.  How do I fix this?  I don't want to choose selected channel only - as the NFL bounces around, but I definitely don't want channel 2 over 502. I already have my guide setup to hide SD duplicates and to autotune to HD if SD channel is selected... ie type 5, but 505 automatically tunes.  How do I keep my DVR from recording terrible SD when HD is available?  I hate to be over-dramatic, but this is killing me.  

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