Starz HD On Demand Expanded and Starz HD West
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First off.... it just seeoms out of place that we have every other available HD premium channel but for some odd reason we don't get Starz HD West. Lack of this channel is more of an annoyance than anything since it just feels "empty" and "missing."

Any reason we don't get this Verizon guys? You are autorized to carry all Starz channels in the contract from what I have heard. While it may seem redundant being three hours behind the east feed and having DVRs, you could say the same thing about HBO/MAX and the others. When I sit down and flip the movie channels for something to watch on the fly, it doesn't matter if Starz West is only three hours behind Starz East. It is merely another option of what is currently on. It is another choice. Just why don't we have it?

Also, somebody brought to my attention the other day that there is what Starz On Demand calls "expanded" on demand offerings. If you look at the Starz website under Starz On Demand you will see a ton more On Demand movies in HD that we don't get. We have the regular Starz On Demand HD movies, not the expaned. I realize this would probably require new hardware and all that at the backend but are there any plans to offer this? If you aren't sure what I am talking about just go to Starz website and look at the current offerings of Starz HD and scroll to the bottom. I didn't realize they offered all this stuff. Sure would be nice 🙂

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