Strange DVR behavior 8888, and more
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i have run diagnostics, no problem, SN and such comes back ok

reset the machine by unplugging and waiting and putting back

Recently the box started acting odd in that each night around 7:20 or so (did not record exact time)

the box will suddenly go 8888...

it comes back... and works fine, till the next day around that time

when it comes back

  • the dvr recordings i made in the period are gone
  • movies i deleted are back and have to be deleted again
  • progress in movies is gone

Network Diagnostics

Video is ok. SNR 42

Video Signal level ok SNR level GOOD

Self diagnostics

S/N ratio good

gateway successful

DNS successful

EPG succesful

Widgets successful

fois tv remove dvr listener 1 started

then a list of packages

Did not try Fix fios tv issues as i dont know if  Fix/Activate or auto correct deletes the shows

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Well it happened again tonight, exactly at 7:29pm

and once again, the directory is restored, but since i went and removed

the files from the dvd not just deleted them, the files wont play.


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What model DVR?

There is anecdotal info that says turning off chaptering can stop the reboots.

BTW, do you have something set to record at 730 at night?

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:ike clockwork, boom again at 7:30 pm

STB model is 7232

we have had the box more than two years

no settings have changed unless fios changed them when uploading new software

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And again at 7:30

this is not a hardware problem, this is a software problem...

someone who is writing the code for the DVR has screwed up, because real problems dont have pocket watches

I pay a lot each month for the top subscription, and now have no way to record new shows, and if i change i lose the shows i have / we are thinking of going back to Directv...

we had that before, more than 10 years and never had this kind of issue (or any other really)

but since the software is problem in my dvr, and i will lose my shows, this might be a perfect opportunity to give up the triple play and move to another provider. if i am going to lose my shows, no loss in switching given what the box is doing.

right now, i am watching the shows i pay for, for cheap online because i cant see them where i pay for them

where is the support...

This is the second week of waiting for an answer to a problem that is obviously bad software

as its timed to exactly 7:30 pm every night.  where is the patch?

how much longer do i pay for services i am not getting for two weeks now (i waited before posting here)

i lost three shows today.. .now i cant see them

if i want, fios will charge me more on pay per view to see the show i recorded but cant save thanks to this

i also wont be able to fast forward...

can anyone help?  should i change providers? peoples advice?

will let ya'll know tomorrow if it resets again at 7:30 pm est...

and maybe there will be some fix instead of silence...

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THis is a peer to peer support forum.

You will need to contact Verizon directly for support.

Have you tried disabling chaptering?

Like I said, I had read on a previous post that it did help with the reboots.

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Another clue:

 the programs that were recorded, end up listed under the config and upgrade / history as not being recorded because he dvr was not powered on. (but it was, they recorded, you can watch, but after reboot, they are gone, and this is what is in the history) - they are not in the manage deletions so cant be restored.

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 yes i tried that. yesterday for some reason it did not reboot, but it might be that we were not watching it when the clock strikes 7:30pm est... tonight though, whammo... shows i recorded recently go bye bye, shows that are deleted and removed from dvr return in the dvr listing (though they wont play because they arent there). 

thanks for givig some answer.  it wasnt clear that this was peer to peer, users helping users...

they have a support place they participate in at dsl reports, you would think that the forum on their own website under the large banner support, would be them helping customers.