Subscribed Channels Issues
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Followed these instructions to see only my subscribed channels:

Using your remote use the following steps:

Menu -- Settings -- Television -- Last Viewed Guide State -- Enable (as checked)

then go to Guide -- Options -- Subscribed Channels

From this point when you click on the guide you should only see subscribed channels on the guide listing.

Selecting only subscribed channels in Options does not work as it should. It works initially but, if I choose to use my Favorites guide and then go back to my subscribed channels, the subscribed channels are replaced with my Favorites until I go back and reselect only my subscribed channels in Options once again.

I then tried disabling the Last Viewed Guide State. I can then select my Favorites without them appearing when I select guide, but I no longer get just my subscribed channels without having to reselect them again in Options. If I never select my Favorites, Subscribed Channels is persistant.

Is there no way to be able to keep the selected Subscribed Channels when Guide is chosen without that choice being overridden by my Favorites when that is selected?