Surround Sound Set Up
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How do I hook up my FIOS DVR STB, HDTV, Surround Sound-Blue Ray Player, and Wii?

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If you are asking how to wire things, that will depend on what makes and models you have. If all of these are pretty recent and well-featured items, it would probably be something like...

1. Connect your Surround Sound Receiver's HDMI Out port to your TV with an HDMI Cable.

2. Connect your DVR STB to the Receiver with an HDMI Cable (to an HDMI In port).

3. Connect your BR Player to the Receiver with an HDMI Cable (to an HDMI In port).

4. Connect your Wii to the TV using Component Video cables.

5. Attach an RCA Coupler to the Audio cables from the Wii.

6. Runn Stereo RCA cables from the coupler to one of your Surround Sound Receiver's stereo inputs.

This way, you would have the TV on HDMI one to use either the DVR STB or BR Player. You would have the TV on Component In to use the Wii. The receiver would also need to be on the correct setting for each component, unless it is automatic like some Bose receivers. If you need any more help...

What is your DVR STB model?

What is your HDTV Make & Model?

What is your BR Player Make & Model?

If you are asking how to get surround sound in the first place, you need to purchase a surround sound receiver and speakers. The easiest way is to buy a surround sound / home theater kit from somewhere like Amazon or Best Buy. Be sure to read reviews and do research before you just go and buy.