Surround sound with HD DVR STB and Yamaha receiver

I just had my FIOS installed last Thursday, Oct. 6th so I guess that makes me a newbie.  I am looking for some help from the forum that might be easily solved by some of the experts here.

I had my Time Warner Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC box connected via HDMI to my TV for video and via optical cable to my Yamaha receiver for audio and I was able to use the surround sound and various settings/programs without a problem.  I have my FIOS HD DVR STB connected the same exact way (basically swapped out boxes) and the only audio option my receiver gives me is "Dolby Digital".  Can anybody offer some insight as to why I am unable to use my surround sound to its fullest capacity with this new FIOS box?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Re: Surround sound with HD DVR STB and Yamaha receiver
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We wiil try to assist you as much as possible.  What is the model number of you HD DVR?


Tonya D.