Switch back to Comcast
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I just switched from Comcast to Fios.  What I have is channels that freeze all the time so I'm basically restricted to watching one channel.  I have a large TV upstairs I reserve for watching football with friends.  Invite everyone over, turn on the tv and....box doesn't work.  Not to worry.  After waiting 17 minutes for someone to answer the phone, Fios said they can get me another box on Monday.  Maybe everyone will come back and watch the replay of the game.  Fios...two strikes.  Based on the short time I've had this "service", I don't think it will take long to hit the third...  Already looking for better options.

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Re: Switch back to Comcast
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agree with you  ... been on hold for 10 mins already ... no live chat available either !

Time to switch back.

will call Comcast on Monday.