TCM (Turner Class Movies) in HD (High Definition)
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It's been over two years since I signed up for FIOS's Ultimate package. I have noticed new channels since as Aspire, Revolt, Logo UP, Pivot (soon to be deleted) etc have received both the SD & HD feeds. TCM is still not broadcast in High Definition whereas similar channels such as AMC are! When will Verizon add TCM to the HD lineup? There are more 16:9 movies shown on TCM and I as well as other movie buff subcribers  have to settle for the small screen. In addition, why are the majority of the shopping channels broadcast in HD? (Talk about a waste of bandwidth). Why  wasn't the HD feed added to El Rey Network where the majority of the shows are broadcast in 16:9? Just wondering what is the hold up?

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Arrrgh!   I just switched over to Verizon Fios today and TCM isn't in HD?  It never even occurred to me that it wouldn't be in HD.  It's one of my favorites channels and now it's fuzzy.  So disappointed.

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agreed; they are really dragging their feet in getting this channel into the line up, it's now Mach 2017 and still no TCM HD, i was over a friend's house who has Comcast and not SUPRISINGLY they have it in their HD Lineup!!  Comcast seems to be far better than Verizon Cable, in terms of user interface and their talk activated remote and features/functions. 

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Why doesn't Verizon FIOS provide a high def channel for TCM? I'm sure a lot of viewers would like to see their offerings in HD. Do we really need 24 hours of cricket on Willow in HD? I'm sure there are more TCM fans than cricket fans.

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In loving memory of Robert Osbourne, can we finally have TCM in HD? Will someone from Verizon please explain the delay in adding channel 730?


I don't understand this at all.  I had Comcast with TCM HD, but they took it off of my basic service and moved it to another package with sports channels (don't watch) at $10.00 more a month.  I got fios today.  I already knew about the SD format, but thought I might get used to it.  The smaller screen is terrible.  It cuts out a lot of the film images.  Comcast, smaller cable providers are able to have this channel in HD...why not Verizon????  Verizon is a behemoth of a company,  with many capabilities.  They CAN do this, but choose NOT to for some reason.  There must be a conflict between Verizon and TCM?  Even restored silent movies are seen in HD (with Comcast), so the excuse that these old movies weren't in HD is ludicrous.  How stupid does Verizon think we are?  I might go back to Comcast.  Maybe a petition to Verizon might help?...sort of?  I don't know.  Verizon.. PLEASE listen to the many watchers (very popular) of TCM and provide the HD format!

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The idea that TCM HD is not on FIOS because the movies are not HD is ridiculous. TCM HD is on just about all providers including Comcast. There are many movies from the 70's and 80's and all decades for that matter that look much sharper and brighter in HD. If you look at many of the channels added to the FIOS  HD lineup in recent years they include many shows from the 50's and 60's such as Gunsmoke and The Rifleman. Compare the SD and HD feeds and you will see the difference. I have requested that FIOS add TCM HD for 5 years and have never received a reply. These forums are a joke. We are just preaching to the choir. Comcast is looking better everyday.

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Just picked up Fios TV acter bei g a ceryong time Comcast subscriber. IT Is disappointing that Turner Classic Movies is not in HD. TCM is a major network. There are a lot of minor networks in my opinion that are in HD. Why not TCM?
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I am a  new customer... not by choice.  Our apartment building only offers FIOS.

How do they NOT have TCM in HD like every other provider??  It's ridiculous... and even more aggravating that so many random D-list channels are in HD, like all the ones that have televangelists asking for money.

It's unacceptable to me.  Does any one know what Verizon's problem is???

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This is a user to user support forum.

Verizon doesnt comment on channel choices.

I have read others state that most TCM content is not original in HD anyway.

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TCM in HD has been asked for for many years on several threads. We are just ignored. Fios's standard answer is that there are many requests for many channels in HD and the TCM is in the que to be added in the future . That must be some ques because the channel never is. For the last several years Fios just seems to remove channels not add them.