For the last week we have been experiencing pixelated pictures and sounds going in and out and I have read on other posts that people are experiencing the same issues.  It has taken so long to contact someone becuase we get home late and then there is an hour wait to get through and we dont want to go to bed at midnight.  The guy on the phone is asking my husband to go check wires outside and 9:00pm at night.  Isnt that their job?????  WHat is that about?  THen he tells my husband the line outside looks good so has to be the wiring inside and if that is the case we have to pay for it!!!  How would we have to pay for it we didnt do the wiring inside they did!!!!!!  Terrible business.  I said I would never go back to cabelvision but I have a feeling I am going to be changing my mind! Being a loyal customer gets you nowhere!!!

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