With the remote we turn on the TV and Fios Top Box.  TV boots and the box turns on and the channel image and sound comes on for about 1 or 2 seconds then turns off.  The TV and the Box then reboots automatically for a few seconds and returns to the channel.  Once back to the channel, wait 1 or 2 seconds and the same event occurs again.  The events are a continued loop of turning off and on.  Hitting the Top Box remote or TV remote has no response.  We must unplug the box to stop the continued off and on events.  Checked the TV without the Top Box and it is functioning properly.  Any ideas?

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Community Leader

Is TV actually turning off and on as well?

Or is picture going away when STB reboots?

What model STB do you have and how does it connect to TV?

Do you have more than one box?

If so, can you swap it to see if problem follows box?