TV Channels Stutter

TV Channels randomly stutter. It's not always the same channel. I've got through tech support over the phone and via an online chat tool in the past, and after checking all the standard stuff, making sure wires are fine, confirming everything is hooked up tight, resetting the box, I still have the same issues. I got so frustrated a while ago, that I just gave up fighting for a working product, and started streaming all my TV from apps. But, I'm sick of paying for service that doesn't work.

I have gone to Menu->Settings->System Information and it says I have a good signal. Does my STB just suck? Or, does the TV service suck and I should just cancel it? I'm waiting on hold on the phone now, but I've been on hold for 25 minutes, which is RIDICULOUS.

Anyone have any ideas? Should I just switch to another provider?

Re: TV Channels Stutter
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Community Leader

Do you have more than 1 TV? If so, does it happen on all?

WHat model STB do you have?

Need to make sure it is reporting TV SNR and not that of OOB channel.