TV One and home DVR setup?

I have the FIOS Triple Play but I use a cable card and my own home-made DVR setup.

I have had bad luck in the past with paying monthly rental fee for a STB and another monthly fee for DVR, only to have a STB fail and when it was returned to Verizon, so were the DVR recordings I couldn't get back - lost records and lost DVR rental fees.

So, I dumped the STB and DVR services and made my own - Desktop PC with Windows 7 running Windows Media Center, cable card in a Silicondust Prime box, and a four-bay RAID box connected via USB 3 to the desktop PC.  No monthly fees to Verizon, and if the desktop box fails or a drive in the RAID box fails, I just need to replace either, but none of the recorded shows get lost.

And, overall, I save money.

How do things play out these days with TV One for DVR setup these days?

Thank you.

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Will be pretty much the same I believe. TV One with enhanced dvr is $20. And 12 for each additional client. So with a 3 TV setup up will be $56 in equipment charges. If the hard drive on DVR fails or the box has to be replaced then recordings will be lost.