TV Pixelation when connected to 2 way splitter (Verizon) and G1100 Router
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We have only "basic" service (no STBs) and 75/75 Internet with phone.

We are just using the Coax out of the wall and into the TV.  2 of 3 TV's work fine.

The issue im having is where the coax comes out of the wall, into a Verizon 2way splitter.  1 to the TV the other to the FiOS G1100 router.

                        +------COAX TO TV------------->TV

--COAX OUT-->/

                        +------COAX TO ROUTER --->G1100

When connected in this manner, we get jutter and pixelation on the TV.

If I disconnect the router coax at the back of the router, leaving the splitter in place, the pixelation and jutter goes away.

Called tech out, and they replaced connectors, splitters, ONT etc... still have an issue.

His suggestion was to have direct runs made, or have Cat5 run to that location from the ONT.  Of course, Verizon doesnt do that anymore (run Cat5).  The direct runs for Coax are $99 trip fee, and $69 per run.

Im not totally opposed to this, but this set up worked fine when I had the old Actiontec plugged in before the G1100.  Dont want to pay that money unless im sure thats the issue.

Installed one of their "Adapters" and we get  picture (no HD) w/o all the pxelation and jutter. Im not 100% convinced its the signal loss to that outlet.

Anyone else experience anything similar?  Have swapped out the cables, splitters, ONT etc... have not swapped out G1100, and could probably just go back to the old Actiontec if I had to.

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