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I have had FIOS TV for 3 months without a problem until last night.  What is happening is that my remote is working only intermittently with the cable box but on the TV it works fine(sound, power).  When I try to check out the Guide, it takes 3-4 button pushes to get it to come up and it doesn't show that it is registering on the box display.  Same thing for trying to move in the guide.

I have put in two new sets of batteries and that it not helping.

Any help or is it time ot call Verizon?

Thanks, Krejaton

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Have a similar problem but mine happened from the time of install. Did you relocate your STB just before your problem?

After some number of calls to VZ tech support and three STBs I was told that an issue has been discovered with Motorola QIP 7100 and some TVs re: IR interference. The issue describes both our situations.

If this is your problem, there is no fix yet. The work around is to move the STB away from the TV and/or reduce the brightness of the TV. I'm not sure of the extent of this problem with regard to the TV brands and the STB models.

I do know that I have a Vizio and 7100 STB and I am not alone.

Hope this info helps.

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Re: TV Remote

Have Samsung LN40A550 with QIP 7100 HDMI with hdmi gold ended cable from STB to TV

After several calls to Verizon three set top boxes and three remotes later

They sent a tech out and who changed the HDMI cable to RCA R/B/G and Audio claiming it is the IR interference from the HDMI cables

Well I still had the delay when he left

So I did some testing of my own

After 20 pushes just to get the green light to light up ( carpal tunnel syndom complaints I see forthcoming )

I went into Menu for Samsung TV selected energy savings and turned it off

The FIOS remote now scrolls a page per channel up or down same for the one click up and down and NOW only one OK press takes me where I want to go.....

Hopefully it helps others....I have not switched back to to HDMI cable cause it took too long to figure this one out.