TV constantly loses signal & blacks out

Since my installation on 9/7/18, my TV has lost the signal 181 times.  Sometimes it goes out for a few seconds & comes back on.  And sometimes when the screen goes black, I get a green screen (sometimes flashing green) & my TV comes back on.  The worst "blackout" takes at least 3 minutes, the only way I can get my TV back on is to cut the power to the TV & STB, turn it back on, wait until I get "press menu" screen, the. The red Fios screen comes back & it downloads.  Very annoying to do this sometimes 6 times in an hour, missing too much of the show. This has been happening since day one, I've had a tech out here last week & he thought problem was fixed but my TV lost signal 9 times after he left.  So frustrated.  I had Cox for 33 years and switched to Verizon because started losing the signal May 2017. Now I have the same problem - only worse - with Verizon.

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Green screens are usually the HDMI cable or HDMI port on TV(or cable box) is bad or going bad. I would first try a new HDMI cable and if probably still persists then change to a different HDMI port.