TV programming interface tips

Hi all,

I am new to Verizon Fios and finding the TV programming interface to be terrible.

1. Is there a way to page up or page down? The interface is so slow and I hate scrolling through each and ever tv/movie listing.

2. Why is it that when I go through 2016 emmy nominations in the on-demand programming and click on a show (that is included in my services), it says I have to purchase it? Again, I have to back through the network to that specific show and scroll through the episodes. Awful. Ex. Mr. Robot on USA.

3. Why are some specific episodes in a TV show on-demand only available on SD, when I clearly pay for HD and some of the other episode offer both HD and SD. Ex. Mr. Robot shows.

I don't miss comcast, but I do miss the easier programming interface.

Appreciate any tips you can provide!

Re: TV programming interface tips
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1. the channel up/down does pages. The additional feature is written on the remote next to the button.

2. this content is from the provider, not verizon. They determine if it is free or not.

3. the only episode that wasnt in hd was 205, but it appeared twice in the list. This might be broken. There still are people with SD boxes. the listings in video on demand  are the same for everyone. It is not specific to your service.

FYI some things that verizon has to charge for you may be able to log into the providers app or site and watch for free. Log in with your verizon username and password