TV subscriptions not showing up on My Verizon

I have tv service at home, but the MyVerizon page shows I have no tv service.  It is ok if I watch the actual tv, but if I want to catch up on last weeks' episode online, for example on, I cannot because it says I don't have a valid tv service when I direct them to Fios as a tv provider.  Even the Verizon TV page says I have to have a subscription to view past tv shows. I also have a subscription to HBO but cannot access HBOGo due to this issue. How do I enable the fact that I have tv service so I can access shows online? Thanks you.

Re: TV subscriptions not showing up on My Verizon
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This relates to a major tech issue Vz seems to have cleared, now. I noticed the same thing yesterday but all is well for me now. Good luck!