Technical support told me that HBO doesn't work with TiVO

So I called technical support to activate my TiVO Premiere (cablecard) and he was successful in helping me activate and view my channels. 

I currently subscribe to Fios Local, HBO and Showtime. The local channels and Showtime work, but HBO doesn't. 

He told me, very unconfidently, that HBO doesn't work on Tivos, and that he's sorry for the inconvenience. 

I have friends with TiVOs that work on Fios with HBO, and I've not experienced this problem stated ANYWHERE on the internet. 

HBO should work. I asked him to validate my premium channels, and he insisted that HBO wouldn't work. The last time I had FIOS (January 2014) it did work. 

What do I need to do to get HBO to work? 

Re: Technical support told me that HBO doesn't work with TiVO
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That tech should not have that job providing incorrect information. If I were you head over to

go to the Verizon Direct forum and post your issue there. Verizon employees will repsond to you and the conversation will only be seen by you and them.

They are very helpful there.

Here's the direct link. You do have to sign up for free account to post.