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I am going to put this out there as I have a feeling my technician will be a no show and no call today. First off, Verizon allows me to book a technician for the morning time slot on a weekend. If you can't get anyone to show up on time, please don't charge me some outrageous amount on my bill. Secondly, an upgrade of an internet speed and I need a technician. Hello, you guys can just provision on your end. I don't understand why I need a technician. Thirdly, your call center is pathetic, doesn't work weekends which is a joke.

What is my recourse here? Take another day off?

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The problem with weekend appointments is “no one wants to work weekends”

some that do like to see money in their pockets. But not all.

the reason you may need a truck roll is because your ONT may need an upgrade, or ethernet run, or a pole reassignment. 

I am sure Verizon doesn’t want to pay for a premise visit when they can flip a switch.

so hopefully someone showed up and all is well in Fios land. ☃️

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Keep in mind this is a speed to peer support forum.

Twitter support does work weekends @verizonsupport