Terrible Service, Technicians Cannot Help, On Hold and Dropped Calls

I tried to get contact information from Verizon "Customer Care" and the tech support people, but apparently Verizon does not want any complaints sent in. That means that they do not care if there are problems with their service, they just want the customer sheep to follow the restrictive guidelines to get TV service repair.

The chat reps were ok but they follow the script to work within Verizon's rules. It's understandable - it's Verizon Customer Service that is the problem. Today marks the fifth time I had to contact Verizon support because my TV service is not working, for nearly a month now. I cannot keep taking time off work and in my busy life to troubleshoot technical difficulties that are not yet resolved. Ridiculous! I was told that there are later slots for which a technician can come to my house, but the reps have not or cannot schedule this, so this experience is most likely going to cause me to drop Verizon service altogether even though I do not want to.

05/10/18: Called 1-800-837-4966 and was on hold for 20 minutes listening to the

torturous, repetitive music. After 20 minutes and no one answering the call, they disconnected me. Service, bah, what service?

Alternate contact: 800-922-0204; transferred back to technical support. She said that a rep would call 05/11/18 to try to get a late service call on Monday 05/14/18. The service saga continues – and... she just disconnected me after 40 minutes and still no resolution. Verizon needs to understand that "customer care" is an ideal that is attainable. It just isn't going to be good if they are making their customers very unhappy. Waiting on hold, dropped calls, chat reps that don't listen (and scripts - how annoying), and technicians that cannot diagnose and fix a problem...sorry but your competitors are looking a little better for every day that the lack of TV service drags on and on.

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.