The repetitive Recycling Commercials - A theory

If you are seeing these Adcouncil Ads almost nonstop - currently the Recycling "Making People Smile" and "A Bottle Can Dream" - I can tell that you are a Fios subscriber with a DVR.  How?  My girlfriend has local cable + DVR and never sees these ads.  And another poster Bhunted1 noted in a post on 10/18/16 that his box with a DVR played the recycling ads while his non-DVR box in another room had a Netflix ad.

Apparently advertisers have cracked down and aren't willing to pay for airtime on Fios DVR boxes anymore (including TiVo which I have), so DVR boxes are defaulting to a redundant PSA instead of a regular ad.  And who can blame them?

Seems like the solution would be for Verizon to charge less for DVR aimed ads and maybe everybody wins because the only other current solution is to switch providers.  As a VZ shareholder I hope Verizon does the right thing.