The set top boxes feel like technology from the 90's.
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Pop up messages on my TV are infuriating. Stop it. Forcing me to click through spam just to change the channel is pure evil.

Why are the menus so idiotic? One of the titles is "Free and Premium". Isn't that every single thing there could possibly be?

Why are there two entries for some shows? For example, House of lies has two entires. Some seasons are in one entry, some are in the other. It's completely random.

There needs to be a better was to browse shows by genre. Browsing by channel is not a good experience. You shouldn't expect users to be forced to remember the channel that every single show they watch is on. Searching works, but it's just bad.

The Search function is not a good experience. If I am in the On Demand section, it should only search On Demand shows. If I am in the channel guide, it should search current and upcoming shows. 

Why can't the box remember the On Demand shows I've watched? Why I am forced to remember if the last episode of a show was #13 or 14 out of 22? Basically, just rip off everything NetFlix does. They completely own your guys.

Why can't I subscribe to a show that is On Demand, with a notification letting me know a new episode has shown up?

Make favorites work. They never work correctly.

Why do I need to select SD or HD every single time I watch a show? I have an HD box, why would I ever select SD? At least make a global setting instead of forcing a selection every single time.

Why is everything so slow? The system doesn't feel responsive at all and things are constantly loading.

The whole system makes me want to get a CableCard, use DVR software, and never even use the set top box again. However, cutting the cord could be a cheaper and easier option. A $200 cable/internet bill should at least provide convenience. Pirating all the shows is actually easier than working with the current horrible system. Get with it.

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Couple of comments:

You can disable popups in the menus.

What model dvr do you have? Quantum is newer and faster.

Not sure what you mean by favorites don't work? I have seen others post that they do work.

You can set guide to only show HD channels.

You can set box to auto tune to HD channels if an SD channel is chosen.

Keep in mind that if you go worth cable card, you lose on demand function.

Some people like TiVo interface, others like wmc and others stb.