This FIOS newbie is a happy camper
Specialist - Level 2

I love surfing forums on the net, so I know the nature of the beast. Most of the topics around here are going to deal with problems, issues and flat out anger. Some day, it'll probably be me (just ask my friends at the AVS Forums) :).

But for now, almost a month into my switch to FIOS, I couldn't be happier. Phone service, who really cares, it's a phone. However, internet and TV service are like night and day from my old providers (Comcast and DirecTV) - and for much less. My DVR capacity may be smaller, but at least it responds - unlike that laggy garbage D* had us pay to own (only, we didn't own it).  PQ comparison? There is no comparison. Rain fade? No more! The slightest shower would kill the HD signals from D* so frequently, it drove me mad. 

Speaking of Mad - Mad Men, in HD on AMC! D* still refuses to offer AMC in HD for God knows why. Then there's VOD. Go ahead, I dare you try VOD via D*. It is one of the most painful viewing experiences you'll, well, experience. And the selection is a drop in the bucket compared to FIOS. Comcast doesn't offer hardly any HD in my area, so they weren't an option at all - and having had to deal with their internet "service" for the past six years didn't make me want to get further into bed with them anyway.

The only thing I'll miss is NFL Sunday Ticket, but since I spent so much time flipping between the Giants game and the Red Zone Channel, something tells me I'll be just fine this fall with the FIOS Red Zone Channel.

So that's that. I'm sure I'll get **bleep** off down the road, but I'm happy we made the switch and look forward to keeping up with all the happenings around here. Enjoy the heat wave.