Transferring DVR-saved recorded programs to VHS or DVD
I've recorded several programs with my FIOS DVR and would like to save them to VHS or DVD using my VHS/DVD Recorder/Player, since the DVR is running out of space. I've tried doing this twice--once to DVD and once to VHS. Neither time worked (all I got was lots of snow) and I followed the directions in my VHS/DVD Recorder manual. The tech guy who set up my VCR last December also connected all the wires to my VCR/DVD Recorder/Player. I'd like to know what is not working. I don't believe there's anything wrong with the VHS/DVD Recorder/Player...I certainly have no problems watching videos. It's just recording that is the problem.
Re: Transferring DVR-saved recorded programs to VHS or DVD
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If the FIOS DVR is connected to your DVD Recorder or VHS Recorder with a Coax cable then you would have to turn the recorder to channel 3 or 4.  If the connection is with any other type of cable (HDMI, Component, Composite, etc) then you would need to tell the recorder to tune to an auxiliary input.

If you provide details on your DVD Recorder and how it is connected to your Verizon DVR then someone may be able to provide additional instructions.