Transferring Recordings from Old DVR to New DVR

I know it's currently not possible, but the inability to move my recordings to a replacement DVR box has prevented me and countless thousands of others from wanting to upgrade to the new 500GB model.  Does anyone know when (if ever), they'll have a way to do it?

Tech support says I'll be able to plug in an external eSata drive into my old 6416 DVR when the software upgrade to 1.9 gets downloaded.  Does anyone know in which decade (or millennium) that's supposed to happen?

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The information from tech support aboput plugging an eSATA into your 6416 is just plain wrong.  The 6416 doesn't support eSATA, only the 7xxx and the Cisco boxes do.  Wish Verizon would train their CSRs to give correct information or simply say they don't know.

AFAIK there are no plans to make the old recordings transferrable thanks to the MPAA, their paranoia, and ridiculous insistence on the extreme DRM measures that cable companies must follow.