Tried to Quit, They wouldn't Let Me!

Recently I did some research on what Comcast vs Verizon bundles would offer. I'm not thrilled with Verizon FIOS and had oodles of problems with TV, Internet and Phone when I first hooked up last December, 2007. In fact their modem's router has NEVER worked with my Mac laptop even after conference calls with the modem's manufacturer, so I've been using my old Belkin router as a primary source ever since.

After reading a good many posts at different places I wasn't convinced that FIOS was that much better than Comcast for HDTV. So I called Comcast and listened their offer. The bottom line cost was close to Verizon's but the BIG difference was the large library of free movies (On Demand) on Comcast with literally no free movies on Verizon. I saw one of Verizon's $2.99 movies offered through Video on Demand which was 20 years old. That same day the SAME movie was playing on a regular Verizon channel for nothing!

Well all this is moot because when I called Verizon's Customer Service, I finally had a CSR tell me I had a 2 year contract and that it would cost me $199 to break it. They offered me the HD Extreme for $10 more but I didn't want or need it. 

So I've got my calendar set for December 2009 when my Verizon contract expires and its "Bye Bye" after that! 

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Re: Tried to Quit, They wouldn't Let Me!
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{please keep it relevant}  The router should work with your Mac. The Mac should be 802.11g . If The router isn't working have It replacement Mac is compatible. Even If your apple says It Is is a 802.11n card . It is backwards compatible with 11g witch fios uses
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