Trouble getting channels and picture for local stations.

I had the FIOS bundle but have dropped cable in favor of local stations, which I pay for. I can't access them, however. I would deeply appreciate a diagram of where the wires should go in the back of the TV and on the modem etc., in order to access local channels. The TV goes on and has images on the botttom of the screen (Netflix, You Tube, etc). Please assume that I don't know the basics about where the reams of wire behind my TV go and how they function.  Many thanks.

Re: Trouble getting channels and picture for local stations.
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The coax cable that used to go in to your cable box plugs in to your tv.

Set tv input to that and change its type to cable (vs antenna).
Then do a channel scan.

Can't provide more details without info on your exact make and model.

But the instruction manual that came with your tv (or most probably can be found online) should provide details on how to scan, add and delete channels.

Also, make sure your TV specs state it has a qam tuner.

Newer TVs will older tvs may not.