Trying to watch AMC shows

I'm trying to watch the Walking Dead. I go to the AMC site and after clicking on the episode I want it asks me what service I use, I click FIOS. It then takes me to a page that says I need to sign up for FIOS... which I have! I sign in, and then there's no way to get back to the AMC page to watch the episode. I've tried signing in to the FIOS site first, tried having both sites open at the same time. Nothing works. I keep going around in circles. HELP! This is supposed to be a service of FIOS that I get for paying for it!

Well, now it's just giving me a "Bad Request" page when I click the FIOS button on AMC's page.

Anyone have a solution?

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Have you tried clearing your browser's cache? This worked for me when the login system got all messed up.

Which browser are you using? The process is pretty straight forward. Here are some instructions:

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Oh wow, thanks SO much for posting that.  I've been banging my head on the table trying to get both AMC and FX online shows to play, and this did the trick!