Two 6416 boxes on my set up...

Does anyone know if there are problems with having two 6416's (DVRs)?  I have two on my system; one is configured as "master" on the home DVR system.  I understood that this is the box whose contents (recordings) could be viewed on the other boxes in the house.  That seems to work on the 6200 boxes (non DVR) but the second 6416 box doesn't show the recordings on the master.  It only shows its local recordings.  I can understand if the second (non-master) 6416 recordings are unavailable on the othe boxes (maybe I want them to be private, for example).  Is there a way to view the primary 6416 recordings on the secondary 6416?  Or am I causing trouble by having two?

By the way, Verizon sold me the second DVR capability after I had the first one, so they should have "known" my configuration.  Also, the web based control does show me both 6416's and lets me choose which one I want to program for a recording.  Verizon didn't say anything about having two boxes being a conflict.

Anyone else have experience with this situation?



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Re: Two 6416 boxes on my set up...
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the home media DVR feature is not compatible from dvr to dvr. can only view recordings of one "master" dvr to other non dvr stbs.