Two HDTV on a single set top box
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I want to have two televisions in my master bedroom suite so I can see the same program on both televisions. How do I wire the televisions to the STB?

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Two options  as i see it ...

Connect one TV via HDMI and the other via component cables.  Both will give a high def output to each TV.

Or, purchase an HDCP compliant HDMI splitter and drive both TV's via HDMI by splitting the single HDMI output from the STB into two HDMI outputs which can be connected to each individual TV.  Here's one such device ....

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Has anyone had success using both the comp/hdmi at the same time?

...I'm trying to use both to setup my new AVR.   ....I want to use Component directly STB<c>TV, and HDMI for STB<h>AVR<h>TV, this way the STB/TV can work normally, or I can switch to the AVR for surround sound like this:

+--------+                     +--------+

| STB    |<=====component=====>| TV     |

|        |                     |        |

|        |<-hdmi->|AVR|<-hdmi->|        |

+--------+                     +--------+

I've found that while this works, I sometimes get into a pinch when the resolution gets dropped to 480, and I get a blue box with white writing telling me the box is not authorized for hd value content.

...wondering if I sould just split the component video betwen TV and AVR, and use RCA for sound to the TV and TOS Optical for sound to the AVR:

+--------+                     +--------+

| STB    |<==+==component=====>| TV     |

|        |   \=====\           |        |

|        |<-TOS-->|AVR|<-hdmi->|        |

+--------+                     +--------+

Anyone have any ideas?